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Welcome to the TimberGyms Blog!

Welcome to our Blog!

Over the past ten plus years the TimberGyms crew has learned a lot about our customers’ questions, needs, and desires when it comes to the unique products and services offered here at our store. Sometimes it gets to be a challenge for customers to learn and remember everything they need to know to feel confident that they are getting the ideal product or service from us. So, we came up with a solution: Bring all of our knowledge together in one place so that it can be accessed at any time! And so, here we are!

Within our Blog, you will find an array of information stemming from our products such as Creative Playthings playsets, Nicerink backyard rinks, and Goalrilla basketball systems. In addition, we will also be adding information regarding our services, installation procedures, custom projects, and so much more! As we continue to add more information, you will be able to browse through the pages of our blog and learn as much as your brain desires. Or, choose from the list of topics below to learn more about your area of interest! (NOTE: Some links may currently be in creation and will not be available at this time—but stay tuned!)


-The TimberGyms Crew

What can we get you started with?

Introduction to the world of playsets with FAQs

Choosing a Creative Playthings Brand Playset

Adding mulch and borders around your playset

TimberGyms playset services

Goalrilla Basketball Systems

NiceRink Backyard Rinks and services

Other TimberGyms Services and products


Back to School!

50302721 - happy children go to school

It’s that time again, and by now your children are charging forward into new grades, meeting new teachers, making new friends, re-connecting with old friends, discovering new activities, learning new curriculum or advancing in home school studies, either way they will be setting out on a bright new path. All the summer routines of late wake ups, weekly ice cream, late night summer movies, weekly sleepovers, vacations, and all things summer 2016 are now behind them. With all that said, TimberGyms would like to wish everyone a happy, safe, and successful 2016 school year and want to remind you that children need to be active every day, encouraging development of motor skills, strength, and balance. Our doors are open for after school activities everyday and if you’re still in the market for your very own Playscape at home, its not too late as we are still taking orders and can put you on our install schedule. Stay connected with us on Facebook for all up and coming sales, and visit us on the web at timbergyms.com for all products and open play hours.

Rainy Day Activities at TimberGyms


With summer is in full swing, and sunny days abundant, we can also have gloomy weather forcing you to change plans. Rain and sudden summer storms can leave you without activities for little ones keeping them yet again confined to inside the house. We all know that no matter how many crafts, games, movies, toys, treasure hunts, etc. you conjure up for them, this too will eventually not be enough. That’s one of the main reasons we created open play at TimberGyms, where your little ones can climb, slide, ride, jump, bounce and PLAY all day in our giant indoor playground. Let TimberGyms help you to ward off boredom (for both you and your kids) and join us on rainy days for endless activities in our giant indoor play-space. TimberGyms is age-appropriate from infant to 10 years old and is hands down the best place in Connecticut to come play indoors!

Summer is for Swing Sets!

Summer is here and our children need active play. Its the perfect time of year for them to exercise and get as much outdoor play as possible. Summer is for swing sets, fun, longs days, short nights, vacations, sun, and lots of activity. Outdoor fun on a swing set can increase a child’s focus when learning and offer many other important benefits and perhaps most importantly, active children are healthier – physically and mentally. A physically active lifestyle is crucial for life-long health and physical and emotional wellbeing. To develop good habits, children should be physically active every day, as it encourages development of motor skills, strength, and balance, and playing with other children. Something as simple as climbing on a rock ladder and sliding down a slide can increase a child’s confidence. Playing outside on a swing set also opens up a world of imagination for children and they learn best when their whole bodies and minds are stimulated, and being active does just that.

Accessories Accessories Accessories!


Summer is here and it’s the perfect time to add on to your existing Creative Playthings playscape. Accessories and structural add-ons can take your playscape to a whole new level by creating new adventures like adding play-forts, increasing swing capacity for friends, connecting bridges between structures and so much more! Visit us on the web at www.timbergyms.comto see our full list of accessories and call us for pricing and installation scheduling. See below for a detailed list of our add on products.

Cargo climber, rope ladder, pinnacle rock wall, rock wall, ramp, monkey bars

Spiral slide, swoosh slide, 10’ wave slide, direct connect spiral, fun deck spiral, rocket slide, super wave, direct connect swoosh, 10’ scoop slide, 8’ wave slide

Bucket toddler swing, belted toddler swing, buoy ball swing, disc swing, back to back glider, molded infant swing, molded swing, ring trapeze, tire swing, sling swing, spinning wheel, stand n swing, adaptive swing, tire swing,

Club house, play walls, play floor, picnic table, lunch counter, tire swing module, hand grips, heavy duty ny glides, ladder rails, ny glides, slide handle, sandbox cover, deluxe hand grips,

Connecting bridge, crawl tube


Melissa & Doug Toys at TimberGyms


TimberGyms carries a large assortment of Melissa and Doug toys. Their toys are designed to nurture creativity and imagination. From classic wooden toys to creative crafts, pretend play, and games, Melissa & Doug’s products inspire exploration and enrich children’s lives in a way that’s as engaging as playtime itself! The Melissa and Doug line offers something for everyone with innovative products for children of all ages. Since the Company’s founding more than 25 years ago, Melissa & Doug have consistently delivered innovative children’s products with a commitment to uncompromising quality, safety, service and value. Parents, editorial writers, and industry experts more than approve of their toys – they’ve awarded them! Well-designed, durable playthings should be accessible to all, and Melissa & Doug strives to foster wonder and a lifelong love of learning in children throughout the world. Their award winning toys make great gifts for any child!
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Play Builds Brains


Play is nature’s way of getting kids to do the work of growing up. More and more, child development experts are turning their attention to free play—the kind that does not involve parents or coaches or anything with batteries. Today, many children do not have enough play opportunities at home because of TV, videos, and the computer. They interact with toys that are not conducive to building imagination and interesting dramatic play themes, and the new idea that replacing free playtime with extra academics or organized activities is not doing kids any favors. Study after study has affirmed the importance of play in children’s physical and mental health. It helps boost language development, problem solving, risk management and independent learning skills. Play is linked to improvements in academic skills, classroom behavior, healthy emotional attitudes and better adjustment to school life.  Free play is like a sort of kiddie supervitamin, it not only makes children happy, it also makes them more focused and smarter. “Play builds brains.”

Bringing The Enjoyment Closer To Home

timbergyms icerink

Anyone that loves to ice skate knows that having an open sheet of clean ice is a beautiful thing, especially if its in your own backyard. Whether you have ambitions of becoming an Olympic skater or love to play hockey, why not bring the enjoyment to your own home and let skating be the enjoyment for everyone. TimberGyms can help you to provide a fun and safe environment for all to enjoy themselves and put a smile on your face at the same time, as your backyard becomes the “coolest place in town”. Also consider the fact that finding an activity that you enjoy makes it more likely that you’ll actually do it regularly. Ice skating as well as other exercise releases chemicals within your body that helps reduce stress and even though ice skating takes some practice, it’s something everyone in your family, (with the exception of really little babies), can partake in. So no matter what your skill level is, join the 1000’s of families around the globe that take advantage of the winter months by having their very own back yard ice rink. Call TimberGyms today and let us show you the frozen possibilities!

Call for quote: (860) 594-8888
Email for quote: sales@timbergyms.com

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